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Throughout my life, I have struggled with different aspects of my mental health, post Covid pandemic though I was battling with a lot of anxiety and could feel it was starting to creep into many aspects of my life.

My friend recommended Sue to me for some Zoom therapy sessions and I'm so glad she did! Undertaking the sessions online really appealed to me as it meant I could have an appointment with a highly recommended Therapist that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to see due to distance constraints. I love that I can be in a place at home that makes me feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed, and I haven't had to travel anywhere. I don't feel like anything is lost in undertaking therapy via Zoom and I personally feel like it is a real benefit.

I would not hesitate in recommending Sue as she is so friendly and welcoming and immediately made me feel like I was in a safe space. What I love about my sessions with Sue is that she makes what can sometimes be particularly heavy and serious lighter and even playful! I have had several sessions now and they have made a huge difference. Thanks, Sue, I look forward to continuing my journey with you!


The combination of Relaxation Training and a Cognitive Behavioural approach that was provided was excellent. Sue is extremely knowledgeable and gave me all the tools to help me break my Trichotillomania (hair pulling) habit which I could never do on my own. Since we were in lockdown, due to the pandemic, the sessions were held on zoom and this worked just as well as being in the same room.

Thank you so much Sue; it's been 3 years since I started this destructive habit, I was so desperate to break the cycle and you have helped me so much, it's given me the confidence go practice what you've taught me and it's working. You gave so much extra time to help me and I'm extremely grateful. The breathing and relaxation recording is really good and I'm now passing on my knowledge to my partner to help him sleep.

I thoroughly recommend Sue and her Cognitive Behavioural approaches for my type of problem, and I can't wait to apply the Benson Method to help with some of my other anxieties.



I went to see Sue because of a relationship break up that I was having trouble moving on from. It had been 5 months since the split but I was still in a world of negative thought, blaming myself, scared about the future and being alone etc. After the first session I felt better and after the second session I thought EFT was some kind of miracle. I stopped pining for him completely. And now, after the 4th session I feel like a new person. We not only looked into my issues with this particular relationship but delved into my issues with relationships in general. I now have such a positive attitude to my future and meeting someone new that it's hard to believe only a few weeks ago I was so down and depressed. What surpises me the most is how simple the technique is.

So, what can I say but thank you so much Sue. I am amazed at the results!

S T Bordon


I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, trying many different diets and most of the available slimming clubs. On a few occasions I have been very successful- in the short term- but after a while the weight always piled back on. For the past three or four years I’ve been my heaviest weight ever (at least three stone overweight) and at fifty- seven I thought that I would have to resign myself to being like that for the rest of my life. There is a family history of diabetes, so I knew that I was putting myself at risk by being so overweight but I didn’t seem to be able to do anything about it, much as I wanted to. I ate a good diet in many ways but I spoilt it by stuffing anything I could find, when I’d already had an adequate meal. After just one session of “tapping” I have taken charge of my eating at last!. During the session some painful emotions connected with my mother, who I loved dearly but who often made me unhappy by her comments about my weight and my eating habits were explored and dispelled. I have accepted that I will never be like my dainty, immaculate little mother but that I CAN control my eating, lose weight, look better and become healthier. Since that session, two months ago, I haven’t stuffed once! I am most definitely NOT on a diet but I am eating sensibly and my obsession with food has gone. I find myself thinking, “I ought to have something to eat now”, rather than thinking about what I might east next, as soon as I’ve finished a meal or a snack. The pounds are not dropping off quickly but they are coming off slowly and steadily at the rate of a pound a week. It will take me some time but I’m sure that I shall reach my Goal. I have more energy now and, although I have always slept quite well, I’m now going to sleep very quickly (no more reading for half and hour or more) and waking naturally after about seven hours, instead of always needing an alarm to rouse me. So, what can I say but THANK YOU, SUE! JN Hampshire

Dear Sue I thought I would just let you know how I'd got on, I found the sessions very draining in particular the first one- but the benefits are wonderful, my relationship with food is very different, I find I can use my sequence of tapping to give my “inner self” positive messages of tummy management. I can work out if I am hungry or not! It sounds almost pathetic that I don’t know, but sometimes I don’t. Interestingly I am enjoying my food more as I don’t feel guilt-which I really did before. I have a long way to go but I want to thank you for getting me on track and introducing EFT to me. I had a great holiday & eating was a pleasure and drinking too; but I managed to maintain my tapping and as a result I didn’t overeat & feel bad! So once again - work to do but I feel much more in control. Many thanks, Sue JM Hampshire


During reflexology sessions Sue had discussed the new techniques of EFT and the changes it could make. As a long term habitual snorer we discussed the possible benefits and which avenues we would explore. At the first session we investigated my relationship with a senior colleague at work with whom I was having a difficult relationship. I had been finding it increasingly difficult to have a reasonable discussion due to my feelings. The first time I was in a meeting with this individual my attitude had changed completely. Although I could disagree with his views, it was a much friendlier environment and allowed for a more frank and productive discussion. I did not quite put my arms around him and give him a hug but the difference in my approach was remarkable. An initial exploratory test into breathing in the first session was followed by a much deeper examination in the second session which took me back to an incident in my teenage years. Sue’s sympathetic questioning and phrases in the ‘tapping’ convinced my body that I could safely leave my breathing to my nose and that I did not have to breathe through my mouth. The snoring will require weight loss to finish the task, but the EFT session has convinced my body that it is safe to breath through my nose and also frequently reminds me that my mouth is shut. I am indebted to Sue and EFT for enabling my body to regain a proper breathing routine John – Alton

Reflexology Testimonials


My husband and I had been trying for a second child for about two years. We had gone through the usual tests and the only avenue then left to us medically was IVF. Having decided against this route a friend asked if I had considered reflexology and recommended Sue. I went along with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect. I was intrigued that so much information about my body could be discovered by the massage and manipulation of my feet and Sue was quickly able to pin-point areas of health that had or were causing me problems. At each session all areas were covered but particular attention was paid to the parts of the feet connected with ovulation and my bodies monthly cycle. A short while later I was delighted to find that I was indeed pregnant and our son now has a beautiful little sister. I still do not fully understand how but I do believe that Sue helped make that possible with Reflexology and will always be grateful.
A C Alton


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